Everything That Makes Your Heart Beat Collab

Authentik Afrikan is about creating and community. We had the opportunity to design an outfit for Oakland’s own artist Honey Gold Jasmine’s “Everything that Makes Your Heartbeat” video shoot. 

Here are the steps we took to get to the finish product.

  1. The Idea- We wanted to collaborate our talents as artists, for HoneyGold we thought it best for her to wear our latest Summer Vibez Bandeau & Short Set before the summer was over. We got in contact with Director of the video. To see the vision of the scene where the Bandeau Short Set would be filmed.

  1. Choosing the Fabric- As a seamstress Mia knows how important fabric choice is for garments. She chooses the highest quality Ankara fabrics to create with. After seeing the vision board for Everything that Makes Your Heart Beat’s dance step scene that we would be providing the outfits for we allowed HoneyGold to choose which fabric she liked.


  1. Highlighting the Star- We understand that it is important to highlight HoneyGold since she is the center artist so we decided for her to have a custom fit Hearted Missy Top with the Shorts and topping it off with a Fringed Macrame Belt.

  1. Creating Time!- When sewing the first goal is to cut the fabric efficiently; the second is to fit accordingly, and the third is to enjoy your creativity! In cutting efficiently we were able to get 5 outfits out of 6 yards of fabric! That was an accomplishment! We used the extra scrap fabric to make our very first fabric earrings! In creating the belt we used natural cotton cord and copper wire.
  1. BTS!!! (Behind the Scenes) - Apart of the behind the scenes as seamstresses we had to do a fitting on all the dancers to make sure the bandeau was secure enough to stay in place while dancing. 


While the video is in production with SFSU's Black Film Club (@blackfilmconnect) listen to the audio of Everything That Makes Your Hear Beat. Enjoy!

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 If you are interested in collabing contact us! authentikafrikan1@gmail.com

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