Ashe Slay Fashion Show

Authentik Afrikan, Art for the Movement, Black Cultural Zone and Repaired Nations teamed up on June 6th, 2021 for the first annual "ASHE/SLAY" to celebrate the art, fashion and creativety in our East Oakland community!
    The original concept  was to highlight the small designers and new artists combining music and fashion artists of the Repaired Nations cooperative universe. 

    The event started off with a parade to amazing drum beats by Shaka.

    Youth designs were brought by Black Culture Keepers in partnership with Art for the Movement. Valor & Virtue showcased some lovely macrame fringe dress designs while Shauna sang acapella.

    The Master of Ceremonies "Deligod" showcased his brand House of Hayes while performing on the mike with "Daylite". Eshe Dance  brought color and movement to the space while showing the vibrant designs of Authentik Afrikan. 

    Authentik Afrikan demonstrated clothes for many occasions while draping artists for the event. Balas, Naru, Keidra, Honey Gold Jasmine and Ajman. 

    Music,  fashion, shopping, sun and good vibes. Ashe Slay show was a great family event showcasing Oakland's cooperative and art community...ASHE!!!

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